MQ-Proxy: Ruby gem for connecting to MapQuest’s API

I have just unleashed a new gem on the Ruby community: MQ-Proxy. This gem is designed to make using the MapQuest API a breeze. I had worked on the initial functionality for an e-commerce project I was working on where we needed to get geocoded information and distances but didn’t need a map. Google Maps requires a map to be present on the page when making an API call so we couldn’t use that. So we found the MapQuest API and it allowed us to do what we wanted with out anything extra.

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Code Sign Error: Provisioning Profile

We have an iPhone app that is finally on its way to the App Store after about a month of development and a year of being placed on the back burner. From the time we started development to now Apple as made about a hundred updates to the iOS SDK (including renaming from iPhone SDK). After finally downloading the newest version of Xcode (3.2.5) and iOS SDK (4.2), an ordeal that took 4 tries at 13 hours apiece, we were finally able to fire up the app again.

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Remote host said: 555 5.5.2 Syntax error

We have a Rails app that uses a third party SMTP server to deliver email.  Everything was working correctly except emails going to gmail and hotmail addresses were disappearing. It was bizarre. There was no bounce back and email were being delivered to other email hosts.

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