Code Sign Error: Provisioning Profile

We have an iPhone app that is finally on its way to the App Store after about a month of development and a year of being placed on the back burner. From the time we started development to now Apple as made about a hundred updates to the iOS SDK (including renaming from iPhone SDK). After finally downloading the newest version of Xcode (3.2.5) and iOS SDK (4.2), an ordeal that took 4 tries at 13 hours apiece, we were finally able to fire up the app again.

But wait. What’s this? An error?!?! After compiling the code there was one error on the console:

Code Sign Error: Provisioning Profile (profile id) can't be found.

Ok I see what’s going on here. Xcode must not be properly updating its project files because all of the changes in versions. Silly Xcode. So I opened up the MyApp.xcodeproj file in TextMate and clicked on the project.pbxproj file.  Then I scrolled down to the ‘Begin XCBuildConfiguration section’ section in the file, or you could do a search for ‘PROVISIONING’ (or ‘provisioning’ if you care not for case). I then deleted the line that looks like this:

“PROVISIONING_PROFILE[sdk=iphoneos*]” = “profile id”;

Reloaded the project in Xcode, recompiled and Boom works.

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