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MQ-Proxy: Ruby gem for connecting to MapQuest’s API

I have just unleashed a new gem on the Ruby community: MQ-Proxy. This gem is designed to make using the MapQuest API a breeze. I had worked on the initial functionality for an e-commerce project I was working on where … Continue reading

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Code Sign Error: Provisioning Profile

We have an iPhone app that is finally on its way to the App Store after about a month of development and a year of being placed on the back burner. From the time we started development to now Apple … Continue reading

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Remote host said: 555 5.5.2 Syntax error

We have a Rails app that uses a third party SMTP server to deliver email. ¬†Everything was working correctly except emails going to gmail and hotmail addresses were disappearing. It was bizarre. There was no bounce back and email were … Continue reading

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